About Me:

I Erfan khaki was born in Tehran, Iran. I moved to the US when I was 15 and I graduated from Johns Creek Highschool on 2017. Im going to the georgia state university to get my masters degree in Computer Science. As long as I remmember, I always wanted to be a web designer and IOS/MAC developer.

During the warmer months, I enjoy traveling to some great beach or somewhere new for kayaking. Although the majority of the year, you will find me behind a computer screen. In my free times I hang out with my friends or I just watch Netflix like anyother teenager. My favorite TV Shows are: HOW I MET YOU MOTHER, PRISON BREAK, NARCOS, THE FLASH, and 70's SHOW. I dont really like books but I have read "The Kite Runner" almost 3 times. This book opens your eyes to another world. I have changed by the experiences of the people in this novel. This powerful novel has the power to change our lives and make us more humane to humanity and realize how small some of our realities are, if we view in a world perspective.

I cant live without music. I think music is part of everyone's life. I listen to music in my car, school, gym, pool, and even in the bathroom. My favorite English singers are: The weeknd, Drake, Ed Sheeren, Eminem, Ariana Grande, and of course Pink Floyed. My favorite persian Singers are (Probably you dont care but here it goes): Ehsan Khajeamiri, Mohsen Chavoshi, Sadegh, Yas, and Zedbazi. I love people who play Piano, Drums and Guitar but I have no idea how to play any instruments.

The only sport I play is 8 ball on my phone. REAL MADRID is part of my life, i follow their game since middle school. You can't talk to me for a day when they loose an important game (YEAH I KNOW I HAVE TO WORK ON MYSELF).